"LOHEN," brand of TRINC Corporation, is a static ionizer with innovative techniques for antistatic measures, static elimination, static-stopper and dust removal.

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TRINC supports the eradication of defective products caused by dust/debris.

Workers at the working sites of electronics, semiconductor, and car manufacturers in the world are at a loss what they should do with the problems of defective products caused by static and dust/debris. Using its unique technology, Trinc has shown impressive records in the antistatic and anti-dust/debris countermeasures. For those who are fighting with the static and dust/debris in reducing a defective fraction and contributing to customers and global environment, we earnestly urge you to consider our antistatic and anti-dust/debris equipments.

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R"Static-free Space Static Ionizer," "Roomless Clean Room," and "No-wind Static Ionization" are registered trademarkS of TRINC.ORG.

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